Line Edit

A line edit focuses on creative content, language use, and writing style with regards to the overall delivery of your story. This is an edit which looks at each line and paragraph as it pertains to the big picture. Are your characters consistent in their behaviors and attitudes? Is your sense of place and time clear and easy to follow? Does your timeline flow smoothly, or are there gaps which may cause the reader to stumble, pulling their attention from the story?



Developmental Edit

You could use a hand melding the body of work you have created into one fluid piece of writing. I will organize your story to be engaging to readers, tighten up the plot lines, and make technical corrections. I will research best practices for your specific genre or topic, applying current usage to your work, while meticulously maintaining your own unique voice.




Which type of edit does your manuscript need?

  • You have book-length content already written, but are unsure how to fit all the parts together to be fluid and engaging. (1)

  • You are confident that your story is as you want it to be, but want to be certain that it reads to others like you hear it in your heart. (2a)

  • Your story has syntax and flow, but punctuation lacks professional consistency. (2b)

  • Your story is all dressed up and ready to go out, but oh, wait, is that toothpaste on your tie? Detail catching. (4)

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Copy Edit

This type of edit is looking thoroughly at the technical nuts and bolts on your pages, as defined by current industry standards. This is where we delve into fact checking and discrepancies in the working details of your story, as well as issues such as spelling, punctuation, syntax, and grammar. When I return your manuscript, you can feel confident in passing it on to a publisher or final proofreader, if self-publishing.



All you need is a final pair of eyes to snag those last sneaky errors before publishing. This type of edit does not include correction of word choice, syntax, fluidity, consistency, or fact checking.


Developmental Edit: $40/hour. Creating a solid story from your rough draft. (1)

Line OR Copy Edit: $.02/word (minimum $50). Fine-tuning the details of your story (Line Edit), OR fine-tuning the details on your pages (Copy Edit). This includes one thorough read-through of your work. (2a & 2b)

Line AND Copy Edits: $.025/word (minimum $50). Fine-tuning the details of your story, AND fine-tuning the details on your pages.This includes one thorough read-through of your work. (3)

Proofread: $.015/word (minimum $50). Combing your final product in preparation for publishing. This includes one thorough read-through of your work. (4)

Line & Copy Edits AND Proofread: $.04/word (minimum $50). This includes TWO thorough read-throughs of your work. (5)

Soup To Nuts: All four edits. Taking your brainchild from first steps to off ‘n’ running to the press or publisher. Please get in touch to discuss pricing. (6)


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