“Each character in Junkyard at No Town is so delightfully, stubbornly Vermonty that it's no surprise author J.C. Meyers hails from Calais.”

— Sabine Poux, Seven Days book reviewer


"Hubbard expounds on . . . French culture while her charming protagonists solve murders—in this case, a complex puzzle that touches on the threat of terrorism lurking throughout France today."

— Kirkus Review


“. . . swirling with unforgettable & intertwining stories and characters that will keep the reader flipping the pages anxiously awaiting the next chapters.”

— Doug Sako, Goodreads review


"I couldn't put it down. I read for hours, and when I finished, I wandered around for a while, still living with Mary Patricia and her family. . .”

— Reeve Lindbergh, author of Under a Wing


Publication Date: October 10, 2019


“An entertaining, thoughtful look at a complicated historical, religious, artistic, and cultural crossroads.”

— Kirkus Review


“A detailed step by step guide to keeping an SPS tank by one of the great reef keepers in the hobby. Great read!”

— Amazon Customer (anonymous)

Yet to be Published:

Melissa Perley’s The Violin Family

Sue Palmer’s The Peacock on the Roof