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Giving Wings to Your Words

Soaring Arrow Editing will give your memoir, indie fiction, first-person fiction, or trade fiction manuscript the finesse it needs to take flight. Invite Soaring Arrow Editing to take the work out of fine-tuning your manuscript, and to give your words the energy, style, and enthusiasm that will make your story memorable and leave readers wanting more.

Inspired editing is my passion. Relax with the knowledge that an experienced, professional editor is at your service. Whether you are looking for input on clarity and fluidity in the details of your storyline, or you are ready for the grammar and punctuation police, allow me to be of assistance.

 It’s time to let your story fly.


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Courtney’s exacting, meticulous, and thoroughly knowledgeable editing and proofreading skills have been invaluable for several of our authors. She has quickly become a prized new addition to our Creative Partners team of editors and book designers.
— Stephen McArthur, Co-Publisher, Rootstock Publishing
Brilliant work! You write me exactly the inspiring words I need.
— Janet Hubbard, author ~ Vengeance in the Vineyard mystery series
Many thanks for your professional advice and assistance in polishing this manuscript.
— Keith Berkelhammer, author ~ A Reefbum's Guide to Keeping an SPS Reeftank
Fresh eyes make such a difference. You’ve done an excellent job. I’m very, very happy!
— June Anderson, publisher ~ Resort Guides, LLC
Many thanks to Final Proofreader Extraordinaire; Courtney B. Jenkins
— Kathy Mehuron, author


Ready, aim, publish

I am passionate about helping you to develop the most compelling and polished version of your story so you can feel confident that your words will come across as you intend.




I have a passion for written cadence and an eye for errors. I can dive into a story and recognize deviations in flow. I can make corrections or recommendations as to how to keep readers immersed without distraction from your storyline.


You really captured the essence of what I do!
— Ginger B. Coaching, certified Life Coach
Courtney, you are awesome. I appreciate your attention to detail.
— Amy Todisco, author and certified Life Coach

Soaring Arrow Editing

Giving Wings to Your Words

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